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Welcome to the Jewel Box Observatory in  Cairns, Australia

G'Day!  I am Tim Carruthers. I have a passion for the beauty of the Universe,  that I have for many years been trying to capture in my mind visually, but also photographically. It is fortunate that I love a challenge. Astrophotography is an amazingly difficult and challenging pursuit/addiction. I am so grateful to the  host of  astronomers and astrophotographers around our world who have helped me so much on this journey. The astronomy community ┬áthe world over is  very  generous,  globally aware,  and special.
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"I know that I am mortal and the creature of a day but when I search out the massed wheeling circles of the stars, my feet no longer touch the earth, but, side by side with Zeus himself, I take my fill of ambrosia, the food of the gods." 
Claudius Ptolemaeus

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